Lithium Coin Battery Safety

Did you know that hundreds of cases of battery ingestions are reported each year? 52% of reported battery ingestions affect children under age 6*. If left untreated, an ingested lithium coin cell is difficult to detect and can have serious consequences.
*NBIH Biennial Report (Jul 2014- Jun 2016), Washington DC

Duracell takes the safety of consumer very seriously and therefore leads in trying to prevent lithium coin ingestion by children, including MORE CHILD SAFETY FEATURES THAN THE OTHER LEADING BRAND:

  • Tamper-Proof Packing

    With double blister to avoid accidental opening
    -can only be opened with scissors

  • Safety Sticker

    Smart safety sticker on negative terminal: helps to reduce the exposed surface area and warns parents to keep coin cells away from children

  • Engraved warning

    On positive terminal

  • On- Pack Warning

    Keep away from the children


Once packaging is opened, steps should be taken to prevent children from accidentally ingesting batteries.


Warning! Keep batteries away from children!

Always keep your batteries away from children to prevent swallowing. If ingestion does occur, however, be aware that initial symptoms may be similar to other childhood illnesses such as coughing, drooling and discomfort.

Be aware of common devices that use coin batteries

Coin batteries are commonly used in garage door openers, medical devices, watches, remote controls and greeting cards with sound. Do not leave these devices readily available and make sure children are supervised when in contact with them so that access to coin batteries can be prevented.

Naturally inquisitive, kids sometimes find batteries in devices and storage drawers. Be mindful of these places and take steps to childproof them. You can secure battery compartments in devices by sealing them with tools or tape, and limit the possibility of accidental ingestion by always storing your batteries out of reach of children. Practicing these tips will increase your children’s safety.

Practice these safety tips:

  • Secure battery compartments with tools or tape
    • Sealing devices with tape or tools will decrease the possibility of children gaining access to batteries.
  • Store batteries out of reach of children
    • A cupboard, drawer or locker inaccessible to your children is the best place to store your batteries.


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