New Duracell Battery Powers Past Its Rivals

Tests show one Duracell Ultra Power battery lasts as long as 12 leading zinc batteries

November 1, 2013 London, November, 2013: New Duracell Ultra Power now lasts even longer delivering more power to your devices according to independent tests which show that one Duracell Ultra Power lasts as long as 12 leading zinc batteries1. With consumers constantly seeking the savvy choice and a temptation to opt for cheaper brand batteries, the research is clear evidence that the real value for money lies in choosing quality batteries which deliver a greater performance. In tests, Duracell Ultra Power’s performance superiority over leading zinc batteries is demonstrated across a range of devices. In cameras, for every one flash with zinc batteries, Duracell Ultra Power delivers 62 flashes. In motor toys, for every one hour of playtime with zinc batteries, Duracell Ultra Power delivers four and a half hours. And with portable lighting, such as torches, for every one hour of light delivered by zinc batteries, Duracell Ultra Power gives you over five hours. “Duracell is committed to providing unrivalled, long-lasting batteries and power solutions,” said Menna Zaghloul, Duracell UK Brand Manager. “We are proud to offer consumers the longest lasting alkaline battery available on the market with Duracell Ultra Power with Duralock. Whether to power devices that keep you connected, entertained, or protected, the promise of guaranteed long-lasting power is the good value we feel our consumers deserve.” Duracell Ultra Power enables you to be more prepared than ever before to power the devices in your home. Your friends or family may be continually reaching for new batteries, but you don’t have to. With Duracell Ultra Power you have peace of mind that long-lasting power will always be ready whenever you need it most. The superior technology behind Duracell Ultra Power Key technology enhancements in Duracell Ultra Power make it the longest-lasting alkaline battery on the market2. Better materials: Modified zinc blend with smaller particles for enhanced high energy transfer and active ingredients designed to power high drain devices. Better construction: Thinner separator (the essential part of the battery that keeps the anode and cathode apart) for less internal resistance which means more power. Duracell Ultra Power also contains Duralock Power Preserve™, a unique power preservation system that helps lock in power so your battery is guaranteed to stay powered for up to 10 years3 in storage. The Duralock technology in Duracell Ultra Power has been engineered to preserve power in three ways:
  • Using the finest ingredients – as pure as 24 carat gold (or 99.99% pure zinc) – to provide the best fuel for the chemical power
  • The anode and cathode are protected with a unique separator that limits power transfer when not in use
  • The triple corrosion protection surrounds the contents in an acid resistant, anti-corrosive exterior
Duracell Ultra Power is also the only battery that offers the unique built-in Powercheck technology, an integrated power checker enabling you to see exactly how much power you have left in each battery and get the most from your devices. Duracell Ultra Power with Duralock is available from all major supermarkets or from across AA/AAA/C/D/9v. The Duralock Power Preserve guarantee is also available across Plus Power (AA/AAA/C/D/9V), Rechargeable (AA/AAA), Hearing Aid and Coin Button ranges. For more information and imagery please contact Hill + Knowlton Strategies: Saamia Razvi 0207 973 4438 Charlotte Nathan 0207 973 5923

Notes to Editors

1 Based on Duracell Ultra Power AA vs. Kodak ZnCl AA, Panasonic ZnC & ZnCL AA and Sony ZnCl AA batteries as tested in digital cameras. Results may vary by device. 2 Weighted Average Performance scores are calculated using industry standardized test results measured across market device penetration. These scores show that Duracell Ultra Power AA performs better than leading competition: Varta MaxTech, Varta MaxTech, Panasonic Evolta, Energizer Ultra+. 3 Length of power preserve in storage varies by battery type. Ultra (AA/AAA), CopperTop (AA/AAA/C/D) and Lithium Coin are ten years. Plus Power (9V) and Rechargeables (AA/AAA) are five years, Alkaline Coin Button are three years and Hearing Aid (Alkaline) are four years

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